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The Revolution for Medical and Dental Applications – 3D Printed PEEK Medical Devices

“Apium is proud to introduce the Apium M220 to the medical industry, contributing to life saving innovations. Apium M220 is able to process PEEK, without affecting its biocompatibility and sterilisation properties.”

The new Apium M220: Fit for Medical Devices

No other industry is more dependent on customized solutions for patients and regulations on materials, than the medical industry. At this point we focus on the benefits of our technology, when combined with the biocompatible high-performance polymer PEEK.

Apium broadens the world of additive manufacturing with the introduction of the new Apium M220, enabling the production of PEEK implants with our patented Material Extrusion 3D Printing technology in a medical and dental environment, for the first time worldwide.

Innovations Drive Industries

We offer the unique possibility to produce patient specific prostheses and implants with low costs and with minimal lead times, without affecting PEEK`s biocompatibility and sterilisation properties. Therefore, the part meets the high requirements of the human body.

Based on the design freedom that comes along with our technology, complex geometries can be created on your desktop using radiological imaging data as input. The digital implant model, generated from the patient-specific data, can be manufactured from PEEK within a few hours, sterilized then deployed for patient treatment.

The opportunities which the Apium technology offers pertains most to the craniomaxillofacial, hand and spine ares where patient specific solutions are in most demand.

By implementing the Apium solution, accruable savings on time, manufacturing cost and personnel can be realized relative to traditional manufacturing solutions. The Apium solution makes possible a faster and more flexible reaction scenario at times of emergency.

Video Source: OSPIX Switzerland, Dr. Philipp Honigmann and Dr. Florian Thieringer (www.ospix.ch)

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