Our free 3D printing webinars will help you to a successful future in the field of additive manufacturing with high-performance polymers in both industrial and medical applications.

Apium P220 Industrial 3D Printing Webinar

Experience the Apium P220 3D printing technology and learn how to start with additive manufacturing of high performance. At regular intervals we discuss in an interactive environment the technical backgrounds, material-specific subtleties and solutions to the challenges associated with 3D printing.

Apium P220 Webinar Topics:

  • Material-specific 3D printing: High Performance Polymer & Metal 3D Printing
  • Initial Setup: Nozzle Interchange & Bed Levelling
  • Filament Dryer: Apium´s Filament Dryer & Filament Handling
  • Apium Control Software: Touch and Web-Interface, Maintenance Management
  • Temperature Management System: “Adaptive Heating System”
  • Parameter Optimization: Advanced Process Control and Material Profiles
Apium PEEK Medical 3D Printing Webinars
Apium PEEK Industrial 3D Printing Webinars

Apium M220 Medical 3D Printing Webinar

As pioneers in the field of Medical PEEK 3D Printing, we want to contribute the community with all the knowledge we gathered in years of research and development. Learn more about the Apium M220 3D printing technology, how the medical workflow works and what revolutionary advantages it brings.

Apium M220 Webinar Topics:

  • Implantable-medical grade PEEK: Medical PEEK 3D Printing & Biocompatibility
  • Process Workflow of 3D printed Medical Devices: Contamination Free Processing
  • Apium Control Software: Process Control & Stability Management
  • Certification Processes: Apium M220 is suitable for cleanrooms and medical device production.


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Discover the many possibilities that additive manufacturing offers and gain momentum for your business. 

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