Discover the benefits of 3D printing with real-world cases from industry and research.

3D Printing in Product Development

Challenge: Quicker and more economical construction of prototype designs of 3D printing extruder. 

Solution: The implementation of Apium’s 3D printing technology as a complementary solution to conventional manufacturing. 


  • Efficiency: Advantages of additive production lead to 68% time and 54% cost savings.
  • Simple: Possibility to test different prototype designs with little invesment risk.

Chemical Resistance of 3D Printed PEEK

A wide variety of engineering fields use PEEK due to its excellent thermal, mechanical and chemical properties. The different grades of PEEK exhibit non-identical properties.

Additionally, actual part properties may change due to processing method. Therefore, achieving successful results with 3D printing highly depends on three factors:

  1. Temperature management system of the 3D printer
  2. The filament quality
  3. Process stability

In this case study chemical compatibility was assessed via weight or dimensional changes, physical degradation and discoloration.

Mould Making with FFF 3D Printed CFR PEEK

Challenge: Indepentend production of low-cost moulding tools in pre- and small-series production.

Solution: Using Apium Additive Manufacturing, LIM Technics were able to print test tools and parts within a short time.


  • Efficiency: Advantages of additive production lead to 86% cost and 66% time savings.
  • Independency: Reduced pressure from supplier due to low-cost in-house production.

3 Additive Manufacturing Applications

Rapid prototyping using AM

The ability to fabricate variations of parts and geometries using a single tool often in a single production step offers flexibility to R&D infrastructures.

Lightweight production using AM

Topology optimisation at an aerospace application results in weight reduction and optimised stiffness.

Production of moulds and tooling using AM

Experimental mould design iterations, easy feasibility of inner structures, same-day lead times and independence from suppliers

Discover the possibilities of additive production with high-performance polymers to secure advantages for your company.

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