Indmatec GmbH 3D Printing PEEK using FFF technology

Author: Prof.Dr. Brando Okolo

Most commercially available fused deposition modeling (FFF) 3D printers operate with extruders capable of processing material at up to 300 deg. C. For most high performance polymeric materials (especially thermoplastics) with melting points at above 300 deg. C such as PEEK, PTFE, PPSU this means that they can not be used for fabrication of parts using FFF 3D printers. The introduction of an all metal hot-end extruder capable of attaining temperatures up to 400 deg. C opens the chance to apply more materials in industry using this 3D technology.

Small and Medium scale Enterprises (SME’s) drive the processes which make countries like Germany have a global scale industrial-edge. This segment of the economy deserves unhindered access to 3D printing technologies. Unfortunately the prices of industrial scale 3d printing facilities are prohibitive making it an irritating reality for SME’s seeking to incorporate 3D printing in their workflows.

Apium's work on the most affordable 3D printing technology (FFF 3D Printers) makes it possible for SME’s to buy 3D printers, select from a wide range of technical polymers and receive the most qualified advise on 3D printing for their business.

Indmatec’s demonstration of the technical ability to print a material like PEEK using FFF 3D printers is a critical step forward for industry. See here

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Prof. Brando Okolo