Apium P155

Maximise your product development and production capabilities with the advanced processing technology of Apium. Produce functional prototypes and parts with PEEK, PEI, PVDF and POM-C and benefit from the freedom of process control for different industrial applications.

Apium P155 - PEEK, PVDF, POM, PEI 3D Printer

The synergy between the heating and cooling system.

Our new print-head design will provide the reliable 3D printing experience you have been looking for. Experience the easy interchangeable nozzle and Apium CS for the highest print quality. Benefit from the lightweight and the strength of our materials with lower costs for an increased performance and better quality.


"Apium P155 is the only FFF 3D printer capable of processing PEEK in amophous and semi-crystalline phases."

  • Print-bed volume: 155 mm x 155 mm x 155 mm
  • Print volume: 145 mm x 135 mm x 148 mm
  • Special heat-bed for optimum adhesion of the PEEK material
  • Full metal hot-end with heating up to 520°C
  • 65 adjustable parameters
Apium - Suitability Training

How to start with 3D printing of high performance polymers?

As leaders in FFF 3D printing with PEEK and other high performance polymers, we turn your ideas into reality. Through our innovative technology and high performance polymers, we provide you with high quality solutions, for a wealth of industrial applications. Together, we will enhance your production capabilities.

Our team is ready to advise you to take the first step into the innovative world of Apium and to find the most suitable solution for your company. 

Enhance Your Capabilities.

Apium P155 enables you to The time needed to actually execute a print job is really short. Due to our one-click process technology, just a digital file of the parts is necessary to realize the production at a relatively high production speed without any tools manufactured in advance and without lead or follow-up times. 

The costs related to the printing process such as acquisition costs, operating costs and material costs are lower than using other 3D printing technologies. Furthermore, the printer as well as the filament are easily portable which enhances your production regarding flexibility and responsiveness.

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