Innovation precedes Revolution

Take the first step into the future of the automotive industry for increased performance with processing high performance polymers using our Apium P series 3D printers.


Drive Gear System 3D printed PEEK part

The Future in the Automotive Industry

High environmental and safety standards increase the need for advanced material solutions with innovative processing tools. Apium P series 3D printers enable you to process extreme resilient polymer-based materials to ensure the safety of vehicles owing to high design flexibility of parts. Leveraging on their cost-effective technology to enable you process a wide range of high performance polymers, Apium P series 3D printers brings the innovative solutions for environment, safety and comfort.

Lightweight Angle 3D printed PEEK part - automotive aerospace

High Performance Polymers make vehicles lighter

High performance polymers such as PEEK make it possible to reduce the overall weight without compromising the performance and strength of automotive systems. With Apium`s innovative technology which combines the outstanding properties of high performance polymers with the ability to manufacture lightweight structures such as honeycomb geometries, you will benefit from considerable material and weight savings resulting in low fuel consumption.

Black / beige PEEK - 3D printed parts - automotive aerospace

Cost-effective product development with just one click

Apium P series 3D printers offer the most effective way for processing high performance polymers. Bring your innovative ideas into life with reduced production steps by realizing sub-assemblies in a single part and lower your costs with a zero material waste processing technology.

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