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Statements on resolution, accuracy and reproducibility in 3D printing


One of the persistent questions asked by potential buyers of 3D printers is about the “resolution” of the 3D printer. When prodded it becomes clear that what is actually meant to be asked is...


Game Changer in FFF 3D Printing: Apiums P series 3D Printers


The adoption of FFF 3D printing technologies in industrial applications is at an onset with the introduction of high performance polymers in ...


A science driven observation of an unwelcome feature in 3D printed polymers


An obnoxious aspect of polymer processing is the formation of black-specks in the processed material. The black-specks have origin in ...


3D printing for medical applications


The advent of additive manufacturing technologies such as 3D printing has ushered an entirely new thinking about the efficacy of industrial manufacturing especially in areas where complexities in...

Saving potential through Lean Supply Chain Management


Apium Additive Technologies has taken a decisive step to make industrial 3D printing with high-performance polymers, like PEEK, even more...

Leveraging 3D printing technologies with a strong industrial partner


In recent times, there have been concerted efforts at advancing the technical and economic promises of 3D printing technologies deep into the...

Rapid manufactured PEEK for the chemical process industry


There persists some level of ambivalence in industry regarding the deployment of 3D printed parts for end-ese applications. A key reason for this hesitation is...

The next industrial 3D printing revolution


Often times growth is tagged along by new responsibilities, new challenges, new opportunities and also the chance to make changes which truly reflect growth. Indmatec on the onset of it´s growth stage is going global as "Apium Additive Technologies GmbH"...

Successful WECONOMY Competition


WECONOMY is a competition for the most innovative start-ups in Germany. Indmatec is proud to announce being on of the WEECONOMY winners and fortunate to gain the expertise of top managers from Bosch, Daimler, BASF,...

Test data of 3D printed PEEK and its outstanding properties


Since additive manufacturing methods have been used more and more in the past few years, the biggest barrier that holds the different methods back from being used in industrial have been...

3D printing and additive-manufacturing PEEK parts for the oil & gas industry


The erroneous notion has sometimes been that any 3D printer can be used for fabricating just about any solid object conceivable. This however is not true; in fact...

3D printing application with PEEK for the Automotive Sector


In automotive sector, materials are needed that are not just durable, to improve the reliability of a vehicle, but also have to bring several properties with them, like...


Positioning 3D printing as a manufacturing tool


In the past 10 years there has been a keen interest by industry towards the application of rapid prototyping methods in product development. By extending this interest to new...

Indmatec 3D printed PEEK for applications in vacuum technology


In the field of vacuum technology outgassing materials are forbidden because they bring along attributes which make it difficult to achieve desired vacuum quality. Outgassing materials release...

Coupling PEEK to FFF 3D Printing Technology


PEEK (Polyetheretherketone) is a semi-crystalline thermoplastic polymeric material. Its introduction into the market as an industrial material has revolutionized materials choice by engineers...

Indmatec GmbH 3D Printing PEEK using FFF Technology


Most commercially available fused deposition modeling (FFF) 3D printers operate with extruders capable of processing material at up to 300 deg. C. For most high performance polymeric materials ...

3D Printing in your Dental Practise: A Cost Saving Solution for Orthodontists


The development of invisible orthodontics has opened new avenues for ensuring that patients overcome the stigma of being seen with metallic components in the mouth. While traditional orthodontics...

3D Printed PEEK for Medical Practise


3D Printing technologies bring with it the promise of replicating, in physical terms, digital designs and constructions in a straight forward fashion. The digital data may result from a ...