High Performance Polymers

Apium offers the following filaments with a diameter of 1.75 mm:

  • Apium PEEK 450 Natural/Black/Blue
  • Apium CFR PEEK
  • Apium PVDF 1000 White
  • Apium POM-C ESD White/Black
  • Apium PEI 1000 Black
  • Apium PEI 9085 Creme
  • Apium CFR PEEK

The filaments diameters are guaranteed to be dimensioned to ± 50μm.

If you prefer another material, please contact our sales team. 

Phone: +49 721 680 30 87 - 4

Which filaments does Apium offer?

What unique benefits do Apium materials have?


We have chosen our materials because of their individual strength and their unique characteristics. In the overview below you gain insights about the particular benefits of every material. See the following comparison to find the best material for your functional requirements.