Apium PEEK 450 Natural / Black / Blue


With its unique mechanical, chemical and thermal properties, PEEK has many advantages over other polymers and is able to replace industrial materials such as aluminium and steel. It allows its users to reduce total weight, processing cycles and increase durability. Compared to metals, PEEK polymer allows a greater freedom of design and improved performance.


Apium CFR PEEK Filament

The combination of Carbon fibers and PEEK provides Apium CFR PEEK better mechanical properties. Apium CFR PEEK offers high stiffness, high elastic modulus and creep resistance. In addition, reduced abrasion and improved thermal conductivity properties allow you to use this material especially in sliding applications where it outperforms other polymers, some composites and some metals due to an enhanced life expectancy. With Apium CFR PEEK`s excellent machinability properties, you will be able reach to a smooth surface finish, which was not possible to reach with other Materials Extrusion 3D printing technologies.

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