Apium Printing Services. High Performance Polymer Parts on Demand.

As pioneers in FFF 3D printing with PEEK, we turn your ideas into reality. Through our innovative technology and high performance polymers, we provide you with high quality solutions, for a wealth of industrial applications. Together, we will enhance your production capabilities.

How does it work?

It is as simple as our one-click process technology and it all starts with you. Select your material and send us the design(s) of your choice in .stl or .stp file format. A member of our technical team will conduct a feasibility assessment and schedule the part to be printed.

Are you not sure about the perfect material for your needs? See our material scientists` suggestions here>

Where to find the design guidelines?

Every part has its own specific design and tolerances. To ensure you are getting the best out of our 3D printing technology, our team will be happy to recommend design modifications that will enhance the performance of your part(s).

We will optimise your part(s) for the FFF 3D printing process so you can experience the full benefits of our technology.