Enhanced Product Development with Increased Performance for Electronics and Semiconductors

Bring your product development for semiconductors and electronics into a whole new level with Apium P series 3D printers.


3D Printed Parts - PEEK, PVDF, POM-C, PEI

Product Development without Material Limitation

In the fast changing environment of semiconductors and electronics industry, Apium`s innovative solution enables you to shorten your product development time while allowing you to process wide range of polymers including PEEK, PVDF, POM-C and PEI without any limitation. Realize your innovative designs for connectors, wafer carriers, contact sockets and other electronics parts with Apium`s zero material waste polymer processing technology to reduce product development costs for high cost materials..

Future Performance with Increased Efficiency

Benefit from the strength of our materials for increased functionality, longer lifecycle and excellent chemical, mechanical and thermal properties while enhancing your production capabilities of high complexity parts. Apium`s innovative solution will increase your productivity through cost and downtime reduction.


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