Owing to its thermal conductive properties, PEEK implants serve as better insulators in cases of extreme cold or hot temperatures than metallic based implants.

Prepared surfaces of PEEK implants show good osseointegration making possible an accelerated healing process.

PEEK is X-ray transparent making its use as implant especially beneficial since monitoring of tissues and bone growth around the PEEK implants is artefact-free under imaging conditions unlike as it is typically observed for metallic implants X-ray images.

Due to its elastic behaviour, it is easier to form and modify the surface of PEEK implant than any other metallic implant material.

The comparatively similar modulus of PEEK to human bone promotes mechanical stress relief of the bone and allows for responses to loading need to overcome structural instabilities at the bone-implant area as well as prevent bone degradation.

Discover the possibilities of additive production with high-performance polymers to secure advantages for your company.

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