Avoid trial-and-error processes and save time and cost with 3D printing trainings from Apium.

As a pioneer in the field of Additive Manufacturing (AM) of components made from high-performance polymers, it is our responsibility to inform others about the wide range of possibilities of the manufacturing process.

Our customer-oriented Service Center accompanies you as a business partner from the first phase of technology introduction to the industrialization of your additive production machines.


How to Start with AM of High Performance Polymers?

Our team will guide you through your specific application and business requirements. Evaluate the technology with our experts to gain the most profit with AM.

Material Characteristics for Your Applications

Our high performance polymeric materials exhibit excellent mechanical, chemical and thermal characteristics. Our materials scientists will help you find the best 3D printing material for your applications.

3D Printing Parameter Control for AM

The best results with AM of high performance polymers can be achieved by parameter optimisation. Our trainers will share their expertise with you to help you understand the material characteristics control with 3D printing.


Training Services

Apium’s experienced instructors will guide you through the basic and advanced training sessions. By completing these courses, you will be well equipped with your skills and experience in additive manufacturing.

On-Site Installation

Smooth system installation is the key to successful operation. Our team of experts is ready to install Apium machines on site and will guide you through the initial settings.


Apium 3D printers are equipped with a variety of service features that guide you through machine maintenance to ensure the highest system availability and part quality.

3D Printing Support

Designing for additive manufacturing is a relatively young field. Our Service Center engineers are ready to support end-users with slicing and parameter optimisation.

Software Updates

Apium 3D printers are being operated with Apium Controlling Software. Our software development team continuously develops features to enhance your experience.


Our Service Center team consists of experienced engineers with Apium machines. They provide remote and on-site support for troubleshooting and machine repairs.

Explore our innovative 3D printing technology to grow your business with Additive Manufacturing of high performance polymers.

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