significant cost reduction

Additive Manufacturing provides the possibility of significantly reducing the current fabrication cost of injection moulding tools. When combined with high temperature resistant PEEK, the main cost savings are achieved through reduction in mould insert delivery time, reduction in production costs and freedom to run several iterations to achieve high quality results. 

Short Delivery Lead Time


High Temperature Resistance up to 250°C


Mould Insert Cost Reduction


Merkel-Czeschner GmbH is exploring ways of minimizing high manufacturing costs

To improve on the time effectiveness for the deployment of mould inserts and also to cater for a niche within the market sector where only a small production volume is needed, they began testing Apium fabricated 3D printed mould inserts made from PEEK.

Mould Making with FFF 3D Printed CFR PEEK

Time and Cost Saving Potential

The production of complex injection moulding tools (mould block and inserts) using conventional manufacturing methods can be a very cost-intensive process. This is because machining of complex mould tools requires highly advanced procedures and machine tools with accompanying tool wear as well as other material losses. Material Extrusion 3D printing technology addresses these

Learn how LIM Technics could achieve a cost saving of 86% and a time saving of 66% by using Apium P Series.




Discover the possibilities of additive production with high-performance polymers to secure advantages for your company.

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