Unique parts for extreme operating environment in oil & gas Industry

Using Apium`s advanced technology you will be able to fabricate from high performance polymeric materials parts of complex  geometries. Especially those where internal features exist. Materials such as PEEK which exhibit a wide range of properties desired in the Oil & Gas sector can be fabricated using Apium P Series 3D printers. This way your parts used in highly chemically corrosive environments or load-bearing applications can be fabricated from PEEK even on-location due to the relatively low power demanding and portable nature of Apium machines. Apium`s 3D printers provide agility, materials savings and the opportunity of responding quickly to meet demand for new parts.


End-Use Parts


Straight to your own Apium P Series

Discover the extensive equipment options for advanced printing and future solutions for material development.

Discover the possibilities of additive production with high-performance polymers to secure advantages for your company.

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