Voxel Level Control

The Adaptive Heating System technology on Apium machines offers you the unique capability of controlling the degree of crystallinity in the material being 3D printed. Even at the voxel level since G-codes are executable at this level. This provides end-users great benefits on materials research and development using additive manufacturing.

Design Freedom

Open System for Material Choice

High Quality Printed Parts


Innovation is being driven through materials. The challenges with processing high performance polymers have been resolved by the Apium technology. Apium P Series machines also allow users leverage on the freedom to implement their material choice for challenging applications. The processing experience extends down to the voxel level. This way the applications band of materials, the properties definition as well as the technology are profoundly broadened.

ESA`s work on additive manufacturing has its roots in Apium`s technology

Apium has made it possible for ESA to gain value-oriented insight to processing of high temperature polymeric materials using FFF 3D printing technology. The work currently being pursued under the supervision of ESA`s Space Materials and Technology Specialist; Dr.Ugo Lafont, using Apium`s technology to print neat and conductive PEEK, specially developed by ESA, is without a doubt a key advancement for space research.

Straight to your own Apium P Series

Discover the extensive equipment options for advanced printing and future solutions for material development.

Discover the possibilities of additive production with high-performance polymers to secure advantages for your company.

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