Apium P220 enhances your material processing capabilities with its Advanced Extruder, enabling the fabrication of filled materials. Benefit from the advantages of combining different material properties in a single part and the strength of filled materials with Apium`s patented technology.



Apium P220 is equipped with industry grade motion components enabling high precision positioning. It has a closed loop drive system for reliability and better process stability.




Apium Advanced Extruder

Apium Advanced Extruder is specially designed for printing CFR PEEK, neat PEEK, high performance polymers, advanced engineering polymers, commodity polymers and filled polymeric materials



Apium Adaptive Heating System

This intelligent thermal moderator, guarantees achieving the best temperature distribution possible in the part, depending on part geometry and specific material characteristics.



Print Cores

Apium has designed the print cores for high temperature/high performance materials enabling easy material change. The print cores are optimised for Apium filaments.



Apium Controlling Software

Combined tool path and parameter optimisation with integrated print job history protocol

Filament management and tracking

Machine service and maintenance management

Readiness for Industry 4.0 Applications

    Transmission Shaft | Apium CFR PEEK

     Bearing Housing | Apium CFR PEEK

    Spin Mixer | Apium PEEK 450 Natural

    Gear | Apium PEEK 450 Natural

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