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Strong Partnerships for Innovative Output

Ensinger GmbH (Material Production Partner)
With the Ensinger GmbH a partner for the development and production of filaments in the required quantity could be obtained. The plastic processing company Ensinger supplies Apium with high-quality filaments, which are produced by the extrusion process. In the course of the cooperation, both sides work intensively on researching new filaments.
Evonik Industries AG (Development Partner)
Based on Evoniks high-performance polymer VESTAKEEP® PEEK – a biomaterial for medical applications – the best way of processing this material with the FFF-technology will be determined by testing. The goal of the test results is to apply the FFF-3D-printed implant in practice.
Charité Universitätsmedizin Berlin (Research Partner)
The aim of the cooperation with the Center for Dental and Craniofacial Sciences at Charité Berlin is to carry out a study to determine the pressure performance in the dental field of approved PEEK compounds in order to collect first data concerning a medically usable 3D printer.
MCF Technologies GmbH (Machine Production Partner)
With MCF Technologie GmbH, a valuable partner for development and production of the first generation of Apium’s high-performance polymer 3D printers was already gained in the initial phase. In particular, Apium benefits from its many years of expertise in the field of special machine construction.
SRM AG (Machine Production Partner)
A strategic partnership with SRM AG, which has decades of experience in mechanical engineering and manufacturing, provides the basis for the development and manufacture of a medically usable 3D printer. The interaction of Apium’s 3D printing know-how and the expertise in the development and production of SRM, is crucial. The best possible product can be offered to our customers.

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