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The new way of manufacturing implants

Individualized implants manufactured on an Apium M220 in a safe, cost and time efficient way are on the uprise all over the world. Take advantage of Apium’s global and long experience of processing with proven implant grade PEEK. Be part of the innovative technological advances and offer your customers the added value of patient-specific implants through additive manufacturing.


University College Dublin

“It was a very satisfactory training module. We were very happy with the training as it was delivered, it was comprehensive and well thought out. Elena, in particular was very well briefed, polite and helpful.

Considering we also lapsed into humour and fired a lot of questions at her, she was very patient and respectful.

Overall, a thoroughly enjoyable experience and superior to most training modules we have done in

the past. Hugely encouraging when using the new system. ”

elipac 3D

“The P220 is a reliable, high-quality industrial equipment ready to manufacture parts for the most demanding applications. It’s ease of use, workbench form factor and top-notch integrated software make it a unique value proposition for businesses of all sizes as well as research institutions who are looking for a solution to produce fully crystalized, strong and virtually isotropic parts with the highest performing plastics in the world.

We look forward to a long-lasting and fruitful partnership with Apium helping together customers to adopt high-performance additive manufacturing in their productive process”.

Family Dental Center


The working attitude of Apium team is encouraging the learning and researching activity. Creative way of holding the training on the highly professional level is very inspiring.

We went through the complete cycle of collected data and experience exchange what opens up the opportunity to apply the received expertize on a new level. It is planned to establish an innovative scientific and practical cooperation between Medical University in Vinnytsia and Apium Additive Technologies GmbH.


Implant 3D printing in the hospital with Apium M220

  Apium M220 was awarded with German Innovation Award’22 in the category of “Medical Technologies”.

Patient-specific implants manufactured on a Apium M220 reduce the patient infection rate, reduce manufacturing costs because less material is required, can be delivered to the patient more quickly, and allow the surgeon to participate in the manufacturing process and to make improvements if necessary.


Apium Additive Technologies GmbH is a technologies based company located in Karlsruhe (Germany) that provides solutions for processing high performance polymers with Fused Filament Fabrication 3D printing technology. The company provided the first commercially available PEEK filament and developed the first filament based FFF 3D printer optimized for processing high performance polymers used in industrial applications.


High part quality starts with the material. Apium filaments are the best choice for industrial and medical applications.


Avoid trial and error learning and save time and costs with our customer experience oriented Service Center.


Download data sheets and case studies of our 3D printers and filaments.


 With strong partnerships for innovative outputs, Apium wants you find your local reseller and test Apium’s technology on site and in your language.



Influence of Printing Parameters on Tensile Strength and Fracture Toughness in 3D Printing PEEK

In a  study published by Springer, authors M. Refat, E. Zappino, and A. Pagani have meticulously explored the intricate dynamics between fused filament fabrication (FFF) parameters and their impacts on the mechanical behaviors of 3D-printed PEEK, utilizing the Apium...

Apium P220 is amongst the top best professional 3D printers (PEEK and Ultem™)

Aniwaa chooses Apium P220 amongst the best professional 3D printers for the materials PEEK and Ultem™. With a monthly visit of over 200,000 guests, Aniwaa is the largest comparison website for professional 3D printers and emerging technologies. Every year, the online...

3D Printing Troubleshooting Guide – How to overcome 3D printing problems?

Apium helping you know how to overcome 3D printing problems in Material Extrusion (FFF) 3D Printing of High Performance Polymers. In field of Additive Manufacturing (AM), Material Extrusion (FFF) 3D printing technology is still the most widely adopted of all known 7...

Advanced Bowden Extruder – An insight to Apium’s Extruder Technology

Apium has chosen for the Bowden Extruder technology and thus developed its next generation 3D Printer to process higher filled, hard and soft polymers. The decision making process for implementing Additive Manufacturing (AM) of functional components and prototypes can...

G-Code for 3D Printing: What does it really mean for the print success?

G-Code for 3D printing: In order to build any object using a 3D printer, a plan is needed. The plan provides a critical guide to a successful print job. Also the plan directly influences the quality of the 3D printed object. It is therefore highly essential that the...

Apium launches new material – Welcome Polypropylene (PP) in 3D Printing

3D Printing of Polypropylene (PP) - Apium presents to the market new materials for industrial 3D printing with the additive fusible layer process (FFF). To leverage on innovation, industries rely on materials and processing technologies. At Apium we recognize this...

3D Printed PEEK for High Temperature Applications

Polyetheretherketon (PEEK) is considered as one of the most powerful high-performance polymers due to its mechanical, thermal and chemical resistance. Therefore, it is used as a replacement for materials such as steel, aluminium and other polymers. One of the biggest...

Apium Filament Dryer reduces moisture-related 3D printing defects and noticeably increases printing success rate

  Most filaments produced for the Material Extrusion 3D Printing Technology (FFF) are polymer-based materials. Other than polyolefins, almost every other polymer can absorb moisture from the atmosphere. Moisture in filaments can cause poor print quality and...

Digitalization in Manufacturing: High Performance 3D Printed Tools and Spare Parts

  The global smart manufacturing market size was valued at USD 172,34 billion in 2016 and is expected to witness significant growth over the forecast period of 2018-2025*. With the advent of new advanced technologies, it is believed that we are on the verge of an...

Chemical Resistance of FFF 3D Printed PEEK Parts

  A wide variety of engineering fields use PEEK due to its excellent thermal, mechanical and chemical properties. The different grades of PEEK exhibit non-identical properties. Additionally, actual part properties may change due to processing method. Therefore,...


Apium hits medical-grade milestone for 3D printed PEEK filament

German 3D printer and high performance materials manufacturer Apium Additive Technologies has hit a new milestone in the processing of a PEEK material filament for medical applications. The company’s Medical PEEK 3D Printing, on the Apium M220 Series machine, has met...

The use of Additive Manufacturing of PEEK in Osteosynthesis

  In the field of osteosynthesis, the high-performance polymer PEEK (Polyetheretherketon) is a popular material with versatile properties and applications. Often, injuries or serious illnesses make it necessary to use implants to recover from traumas or...

Process Workflow for 3D Printed Patient-Specific Medical Devices

  The first step in producing 3D-printed patient-specific PEEK implants is the production of detailed and partially three-dimensional images. For this, a number of imaging procedures can be used, whereby each procedure offers a different advantage for the patient. The...

Biocompatible Implants – 3D Printing Supports Medical Sector

3D printing technologies are today used for different patient related treatments in the medical industry. One of the key areas where it is most widely applied is in the development of models used for planning and preparation aid in surgical work. With respect to human...

Breakthrough Development in Healthcare – 3D Printed Biocompatible PEEK Medical Devices on Demand

From the onset, Apium had the core value to provide their technologies to where they are needed and to participate in markets where they lead change. With our expert knowledge in material science and mechanical engineering, we have made the international breakthrough...

Apium Highlights from the International PEEK Meeting, Washington, D.C.

Organized by The Implant Research Center of Drexel University and Exponent, Inc., sponsored by Invibio Biomaterial Solutions, 3rd International PEEK Meeting took place on 27-28 April, 2017 in Washington, D.C.. The meeting brought engineers, scientists, regulators and...

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