Apium M220 Series

Medical PEEK 3D Printing

Apium is proud to introduce Apium M220 Series 3D Printers – the first of its kind.

Apium M220 is able to process medical grade PEEK, without affecting its biocompatibility and sterilisation properties.

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Temperature Management System

Apium M220 Series 3D printers are equipped with advanced temperature management system enabling the temperature control of the printed medical device. The atmosphere around the printed medical devices is filtered to prevent contamination.

Advanced Mechanical Parts

Years of experience in materials science and German engineering is combined for the development of mechanical parts on the Apium M220 Series. Sterilisable medical grade materials have been used for the development of the nozzle and print-bed technology.


Apium is an ISO9001:2015 certified company. Apium M220 Series 3D printers do not fall under the Medical Devices Directive, but it is suitable for cleanrooms and the production of medical devices. The necessary certificates of biocompatibility for the material and device are available with the product delivery.
Video Source: OSPIX Switzerland, Dr. Philipp Honigmann and Dr. Florian Thieringer (www.ospix.ch)

Life Saving Innovation

We offer the unique possibility to produce patient specific prostheses and implants at low costs and minimal lead times, without affecting PEEK`s biocompatibility and sterilisation properties. Therefore, the part meets the high requirements for human in vivo applications.

Based on the design freedom that comes along with our technology, complex geometries can be created on your desktop using radiological imaging data as input. The digital implant model, generated from the patient-specific data, can be manufactured from PEEK within a few hours, sterilized then deployed for patient treatment.

The opportunities which Apium’s Medical PEEK 3D Printing Technology offers, pertains most to the craniomaxillofacial, hand and spine areas where patient specific solutions are in most demand. By implementing the Apium solution, accruable savings on time, manufacturing cost and personnel can be realized relative to traditional manufacturing solutions. The Apium solution makes possible a faster and more flexible reaction scenario at times of emergency.

Frequently Asked Questions

Implantable Medical Grade PEEK Materials
Apium has developed M220 Series 3D printers for researching, developing and producing PEEK medical devices. We will supply natural colored, high viscosity polyether ether ketone (PEEK) Filament. This filament is specially designed for long term implantable medical devices.

We jointly research and develop PEEK polymer filaments with Evonik.

Learn more about medical grade PEEK filament here.

Apium M220 Series 3D printers ensure that the printing process does not affect the biocompatibility and sterilization characteristics of 3D printed PEEK medical devices. The biocompatibility of the medical grade PEEK Filament and 3D printed medical devices has been tested following ISO 10993 recommendations.

A summary of biocompatibility test results is available upon request.

Process Workflow of 3D Printed PEEK Medical Devices
Apium M220 Series 3D printers usage in medical devices production is similar to other production technologies in medical industry.

In order to have a better understanding of the complete procedure please watch the video above this section or kindly read our article here.

Services and Support
Apium offers the unique solution to achieve high quality results with Additive Manufacturing of PEEK medical devices. In order to gain knowledge and skills about PEEK 3D printing, prior to your M220 machine delivery, you can start your experiments with P220 Series machines. An advanced training customized for your application area will be provided by our Service Center experts.

Through your Additive Manufacturing experience, Apium experts will support you with each step to your successful implementation and operation of Apium systems.

Procurement of Apium M220 Series
Apium M220 Series 3D printers can be purchased either directly from Apium or official distributors of Apium. In order to receive a quote, please contact Apium experts or find a local partner here.
Procurement of Medical Grade PEEK Filament
Medical grade PEEK Filament can only be purchased directly from Apium. In order to receive a quote, please contact Apium experts.

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