Training Services

The experienced Apium trainers will guide you through basic and advanced training. Completion of these trainings will bring your additive manufacturing skills and experience to the next level.

On-Site Installation

Legitimate system installation is the key for a succesful implementation. Our expert team are ready to install Apium machines on-site and guide you through the initial settings.


Apium 3D printers are equipped with service function to guide you through machine maintenance for higher system availability for high quality.

3D Printing Support

Designing for additive manufacturing is a relatively young field. Our Service Center engineers are ready to support end-users with slicing and parameter optimisation.

Software Updates

Apium 3D printers are being operated with Apium Controlling Software. Our software development team continuously develops features to enhance your experience.


Our Service Center team consists of experienced engineers with Apium machines. They provide remote and on-site support for troubleshooting and machine repairs.

From the first contact until today, Apium`s Service Center has supported us to enhance our usage of Apium P155.

The advanced training and continuous technical support for generating G-code files help us improve our print quality and personal skills with additive manufacturing of high performance polymers. We are very satisfied with the Customer Service. 

Udo Lange

Vice President, LIM Technics OOD

Explore our innovative 3D printing technology to grow your business with Additive Manufacturing of high performance polymers.


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