A new world for research and development

The next generation products and systems are performing better with the strength of innovative materials and processing technologies. Apium understands the challenges with producing functional prototypes and need for just in time production of sample parts for testing procedures. With its innovative FFF 3D technology, Apium P series 3D printers enable you to produce your functional prototypes from high performance polymers such as PEEK, PVDF, POM-C and PEI on demand and gain sustainable competitive advantage by decreasing your product development time and benefiting from short time-to-market with increased efficiency.

Freedom to Imagine and Create

Realize your innovative designs only in one step with Apium P series 3D printers. Our FFF 3D printing technology enables you to consolidate many components into a single high complex part. With Apium`s state-of-the-art print head technology, you are able to process a wide range of polymers and benefit from Apium Controlling Software (CS) with 65 adjustable parameters to control the stiffness, density and many other material properties of your parts.

ESA accelerates space research with Apium P Series

Apium has made it possible for ESA to gain value-oriented insight to processing of high temperature polymeric materials using 3D printing technology. The work currently being pursued under supervision of ESA`s Space Materials and Technology Specialist; Dr.Ugo Lafont, using Apium`s technology to print neat and conductive PEEK, specially developed by ESA, is without a doubt a key advancement for space research.


Straight to your own Apium P Series

Discover the extensive equipment options for advanced printing and future solutions for material development.

Discover the possibilities of additive production with high-performance polymers to secure advantages for your company.

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