Apium Filament Dryer

Reduces moisture related defects in 3D printing of high performance materials and significantly increases the print success rate CONTACT APIUM EXPERTS
“Through our partnership with Purpose AM, we are launching Apium Filament Dryer and provide our end-users with the complete solution for processing high performance polymers in high quality.”

Simple Usability

Simple user interface makes Apium Filament Dryer easy to use. No training is required.

Air Filtering

HEPA and active carbon air filter reduce exhausting fumes and small particles. An open door sensor and overheating protection ensures security for its user.

Easy Filament Loading

The glass front door is designed for quick and easy filament loading of filament rolls, which accelerates material changes within prints.

Thermally Insulated Walls

Reducing heat loss inside the drying chamber and guarantees process stability.

Filament Feeding Automation

Feed your custom filament directly to your 3D printer via teflon tube. This ensures that the filament does not get exposed of atmosphere while drying and printing.

Open System

Apium Filament Dryers are compatible with most open Material Extrusion (FFF) 3D Printers and filaments up to a diameter of 3mm.

Optimized for Apium P Series and Apium Filaments

Along with the tailored solution of Apium P Series and the Dryer, Apium delivers optimized temperature processing profiles customized for your material of choice.

Delivery & Warranty

Apium is ready to ship upon orders and provides 12 month warranty.

Advantages of Apium Filament Dryer

Extrusion Quality

Moisture-free filaments will not exhibit bubbles in molten form, thus preventing poor optical properties and melt path discontinuity.

Surface Finish

3D printed parts from dried materials are usually smoother and help industries such as injection moulding to meet their requirements.

Oozing and Stringing

3D printed parts from dried materials typically exhibit little of none oozing and stringing.

Advantages of Apium Filament Dryer

Mechanical Properties

3D printed parts from dried filaments exhibit stronger mechanical properties and less structural failures.

Interlayer Adhesion

Dry filament usage will avoid hydrolysis, which deteriorates mechanical properties of polymers and can lead to delamination during printing.

Cosmetic Defects

Dry filament usage eliminates a number of moisture-related 3D printing defects.
Apium P Series

Apium P Series

Experience advanced competitive advantage through time and cost savings
Apium Materials & Filaments

Apium Materials

High quality materials lead to best performing parts
Apium Training & Consulting

Apium Training & Consulting

Enhance your capabilities in Additive Manufacturing with expert trainings
Discover the possibilities with additive manufacturing of high performance polymers to gather momentum for your business.

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