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Apium F300

Apium F300

Apium F300 is a Filament Dryer used to dry all types of filament before and during printing with any FDM based 3D-Printer. Most of the filaments are hygroscopic in nature which means that the filaments absorb moisture when exposed to the atmosphere. The removal of moisture is very critical to ensure good print quality and mechanical strength.

Product ID: 2826
Size: 80cm x 70cm x 70cm (LxWxH)
Weight: 36 kg
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Product Description

Description of the Apium F300:

Apium F300 is a filament dryer that can be used to dry any filament in the range of 60 °C – 150 °C. The coils can be loaded directly into the filament dryer, it has three filament outputs and can therefore be used inline for up to 3D printers simultaneously. Only those filaments that can be dried in the same range should be loaded at a time. Watch the functioning and procedure to use the product here.

Apium 3D printers that can be integrated with Apium F300

Advantages of Apium F300:

  • Stronger Prints
    Filament absorbs moisture when it is exposed to air. Printing with dry filament improves the mechanical properties and surface quality of 3D printed parts.
  • Energy saving
    Apium focuses on sustainability. For this reason, the Filament Dryer is completely insulated. Retaining the heat inside the dryer saves energy and electricity costs. The F300 only draws as much power as a conventional light bulb to maintain a temperature of 60°C.
  • Silent
    The insulated heating process is quiet like a whisper. The Filament Dryer can be used in any environment, you won’t even notice it.

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  2. The typical values may vary depending on part geometry and processing parameters.

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