G-Code for 3D Printing: What does it really mean for the print success?

Dec 12, 2018

G-Code for 3D printing: In order to build any object using a 3D printer, a plan is needed. The plan provides a critical guide to a successful print job. Also the plan directly influences the quality of the 3D printed object. It is therefore highly essential that the plan, which is developed for the print job is safe, well defined, error-free and fully considers all aspects of the job which affects quality of the object. In the field of 3D Printing, the so-called “G-Code” is the plan for the print job. It typically contains all information, which defines the entire printing process or materials build-up process. The G-Code for 3D printing is created using a Slicing software and relies often times on an input data bearing a Standard Tessellation Language (STL) format; the solid surface of the 3D model.

Today, there are many commercially available Slicing software, most of which provide an automatic function for the creation of a G-code. As generating a G-code for 3D printing can be as easy as the user-friendliness of the Slicing software being used, the main success comes from having an appreciable knowledge about the materials-process-parameters relationship as well as the technical capabilities of the 3D printer. In the absence of such knowledge, the time needed to develop a printing profile, which delivers on excellent parts could take several months.

G-Code for 3D Printing - Apium Slicer

Overcome Challenges in the Generation of G-Code for 3D Printing with Apium

At Apium, we have established our industrial 3D printing solutions tailored to meet all our customer requirements. Our material development team put-in a great deal of time and effort to develop printing parameters for specialty polymers and metals. Upon attendance to our advanced trainings delivered by our Applications and Services Center engineers, you will already have your first successful print in hand on day 1.

Together with the trainings, our engineers will be delivering material profiles for your future prints. These profiles contain the G-code file for your material of choice and ensure the preservation of the basic properties of the material being used together with the appropriate printing parameters. Our Apium P220 Series industrial high temperature 3D printers are designed for the processing of specialty materials. Fed with the appropriate G-Code for 3D printing, you can enhance your polymer processing capabilities significantly while reducing production costs and delivery lead times using the P220 printer. Apium P220`s open material system and filament tracking function will allow you to save your printing parameters as well as avoid trial and error for your future prints.

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Apium Advanced Trainings

Implementing Additive Manufacturing into your business brings along disruptive advantages, challenges and a complete new mind set in designing. Our team will guide you through your specific application and business requirements. On the basis of your individual case, we transfer additive thinking and improve the application’s design, performance and efficiency. Generating an appropriate G-code for 3D printing is the first step.

Please contact us in case you are interested in such opportunity. 

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