In this case the patient had met with an accident when she was 5years old. After the accident she was not able to open her mouth to speak. Back then, the doctors mentioned that the situation will improve in some months. But it was never improved and 27 years later she was diagnosed with bilateral TMJ Ankylosis in which her upper jaw and lower jaw were fused together. This results in a condition where the patient was able to open her mouth only for a few millimeters, while a normal mouth opening ranges between 2.5 to 4 centimeters. In conclusion, this state causes a lot of problems for eating meals, talking, breathing and sleeping, beside the psychological effects of feeling unable to interact as all the people around her.

So overcome the problem, the bone which were fusing together needs to be separated and a joint which can conduct rotational and translation motion needs to act as a functional connector.

Thanks to the great design of Lucid implants and the surgeons performing the operation, the patient is now able to normally talk, eat, breathe and sleep, accompanied with natural facial aesthetics.

Mandible (Jaw) Implant Illustrated as CAD Model
Photo: Lucid Implants, All Rights Reserved.

Patient Aesthetics Pre and Post Operation, Photo: Lucid Implants, All Rights Reserved.

Surgery of PEEK Implant 3D printed with the Apium M220
Photo: Lucid Implants, All Rights Reserved.

Did you know?

Comparing the manufacturing cost and time for skull implants produced by milling and 3D printing shows that 3D printing technology provides:

    • 89% material reduction
    • 73% cost reduction
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