There is a certain variability within the physical formation of the human body. So each one of us develops a bit different in their structural shape and appearance. As soon as such variability in shape from birth on is accompanied by a handicap in daily life, one speaks of a birth defect. In the case we are looking at, the patient approached Dr. Sonal Anchalia complaining of unnatural facial aesthetics in the Jawline. This defect resulted in problems associated regularly with breathing, oral hygiene including psychological issues. The patient had a permanent feeling of shame for is facial asymmetry. To help the patient overcome the problems Dr. Sonal Anchalia and designing team of Lucid implants created a patient specific implant solution printed on an Apium M220. The surgery and the outcome is a big success for the patient. The surgical outcome gave him an improved living conditions accompanied by higher self-confidence and dignity.


Mandible (Jaw) Implant Illustrated as CAD Model
Photo: Lucid Implants, All Rights Reserved.

Patient Aesthetics Pre and Post Operation, Photo: Lucid Implants, All Rights Reserved.

Surgery of PEEK Implant 3D printed with the Apium M220
Photo: Lucid Implants, All Rights Reserved.

Did you know?

Comparing the manufacturing cost and time for skull implants produced by milling and 3D printing shows that 3D printing technology provides:

    • 89% material reduction
    • 73% cost reduction
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