The New Way of Manufacturing Implants

Benefit from seven years of research and experience with proven implant grade PEEK

Join us on the journey of world wide patient specific implant manufacturing with the Apium M220.

Individualized implants manufactured on an Apium M220 in a safe, cost and time efficient way are on the uprise all over the world. Take advantage of Apium’s global and long experience of processing with proven implant grade PEEK. Be part of the innovative technological advances and offer your customers the added value of patient-specific implants through additive manufacturing.

Workflow Of Implant Manufacturing

Patient Specific Implants

Additive manufacturing is the right tool to create indiviualized implants since the setup costs between each parts are neglectible. Therefore you can produce patient specific implants in a time and cost efficient manner.

World Wide

Take adavantage of Apiums world wide network of authorized resellers and solution providers. Our partners are well trained in processing high performance polymers and support you in creating your medical products.

Safe & Certified

Success stories of our customers verify the the applicability of additive manufacturing in a medical treatment. The Apium M220 3D-printer as well as the processed material are proven by the ISO 10993 standard. 

Success Story of Patient Care: Plastic Surgery of Birth Defects

There is a certain variability within the physical formation of the human body. So each one of us develops a bit different in their structural shape and appearance. As soon as such variability in shape from birth on is accompanied by a handicap in daily life, one...

Success Story of Patient Care: Treatment of Accident Injuries

In this case the patient had met with an accident when she was 5years old. After the accident she was not able to open her mouth to speak. Back then, the doctors mentioned that the situation will improve in some months. But it was never improved and 27 years later she...

Success Story of Patient Care: Plastic Surgery after Tumor Treatment

A cancerous tumor was being developed in a 22 year old boy. The doctors feared that it might reach the vital organs if the tumor is not removed. The solution was a 9 hours long surgery in which the tumor was removed and the resected part was replaced by a single 3D...

Discover the possibilities of additive production with high-performance polymers to secure advantages for your company.

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