Apium proudly celebrates its 3rd year in 3D printing industry

Nov 9, 2017

October 2017 marks 3 years since the two friends Tony Tran-Mai and Prof. Dr. Brando Okolo officially began operational activities on the 3D printing business known today as Apium Additive Technologies GmbH. Prof. Dr. Brando Okolo (Managing Director & CTO at Apium) had in the previous 8 years been involved in 3D printing technologies with focus on how materials interact with the technologies. His advanced knowledge in materials science ignited the company’s technical attention on PEEK, while his colleague Mr. Tony Tran-Mai (Managing Director & CEO at Apium); a business school graduate, brought along more than fifteen years of experience in management and sales.

Apium Additive Technologies GmbH (formerly Indmatec GmbH) was founded based on the commitment to provide innovative manufacturing solutions for industrial applications using additive technologies.

The Synergy between German Engineering and Materials Science

Apium is the first company worldwide, to introduce the high-performance polymer PEEK (polyether ether ketone) for the Materials Extrusion 3D printing technology (FFF/FDM) industry. It made an additional headline developing a Materials Extrusion 3D printer especially designed for processing PEEK into parts of excellent geometric tolerances. Apium’s technology, which makes PEEK processing possible, is IP protected; it provides a unique advanced temperature control tool necessary for achieving high quality printing outcomes.

Apium has played a pioneering role in the field of processing high performance polymeric materials ushering an era of 3D printing advanced materials at the industrial level.

Award Winning Technology for Processing PEEK and other Advanced Materials

Capitalizing on its in-house team’s years of experience in materials science and engineering, Apium has developed its 3D printers to be uniquely endowed with an advanced temperature control system. This temperature control system moderates the thermal history of the material from the melt to the solidification under thermodynamic conditions. Attendant problems typical of heated chambers and heating and cooling challenges are non-existent in this control system. Better print quality, shorter overall printing time as well as the ability to control the crystallinity of materials like PEEK under printing conditions are guaranteed by this control system.

When materials are fed in to our 3D printers, they treat the materials just the way a professional would treat them. – Prof. Dr. Brando Okolo

Keeping innovative solutions for industrial applications at the core of their business, Apium offers a wide range of materials including advanced polymers (PEEK, PEI 9085, PVDF, POM-C) and metals (Stainless Steel).

Advancements in FFF 3D Printing PEEK from the Leaders

As technology leader, Apium will be launching its brand-new materias for industrial applications as well as its brand-new 3D printer at the Formnext 2017 meeting scheduled for 14-17 November 2017 in Frankfurt.

Discover the possibilities of additive production with high-performance polymers to secure advantages for your company.

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