Metal 3D Printing with Apium P220

Time and Cost Efficient 3D Printing for Metal Processing

Apium P220 series professional 3D printers offer extensive metal 3D printing processing from part-form creation to debinding and sintering.

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How it works


Part Preparation

Prepare your CAD model for 3D printing and use the Slicing Software to upload Apium`s material profile and generate your g-code with optimized parameters for your material of choice.

You can read here more about what the g-code is and why it is so important for a successful print. Our experts are ready to train your team to achieve successful results.


Metal 3D Printing

Apium offers metallic filled filaments for processing with the innovative professional  3D printing technology of Apium P220 Series.

The parts are constructed first as green-bodies, in layer by layer fashion. This enables the production of components with different infill options resulting in significant weight reduction.

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Debinding & Sintering

Apium Debinder prepares the 3D printed green-bodies for sintering by dissolving the binder material. Apium offers 3 different Sinter Oven option for different size requirements of the 3D printed parts.

Apium`s extensive debinding and sintering solutions are available in a most cost-efficient way for all end-users. Share your requirements with our experts to find the most suitable option according to your in-house equipment and experience level.


3D Printed Metal Part

After debinding and sintering process, the resultant is a 100% metal parts ready for use. 3D printed metal parts can be post-treated as any other metal part.

As Apium, we currently offer metal 3D printing solutions for 316L (stainless steel) and 17-4(PH) (stainless steel).  The survival rate of our green bodies are higher thanks to our material profiles for printing parameters. The process includes a shrinkage rate between 12-15%.

Part Preparation of 3D Printed Metal Parts
Apium Metal 3D Printing
Debinding & Sintering of 3D Printed Metal Part
Finished 3D Printed Metal Part

Apium P220 3D Printers

Many possibilities and advantages in just one machine

The ability to fabricate metal 3D printed parts using Apium P220 3D printer has far reaching effects in the economics of manufacturing. It offers small and medium scale enterprises the chance to prototype or manufacture functional parts in small series at highly competitive costs.

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High mechanical strength

Apium`s 3D printed metal parts have higher green body density, which enables the end-user to reach after debinding and sintering almost 100% of the mechanical strength of metal injection moulded parts.

Weight reduction

Through less infill and ability to print hollow structures it is possible to reach a high weight reduction.

Easy material change

In less than 5 minutes you can change the material for your next 3D print.

Open material system

For your material of choice. Apium P220 Series supports a wide range of metals, amorphous and semi-crytalline thermoplastics.

Easy machine maintenance

Apium 3D printers are equipped with service function to guide you through machine maintenance for higher system availability with high quality.

Resource effective

Minimal material waste with the Smart Material Manager. When the Apium P220 identifies that an Apium material is loaded, it automatically adjusts the settings according to Apium`s material profile and allows you to use the optimal process parameters for high quality results.

Higher density green body
Higher brown body survival rate
Less shrinkage (12-15%)
Minimal process gas usage
No health hazard risk

Apium Materials

High quality materials lead to best performing parts.

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